On or about November 7th, my father Georges Sulmers, ( retired airline captain, born in Haiti) , will be flying to Jeremie, in western Haiti, in his small Bonanza airplane. The goal is to bring supplies that will help those in need; the most important element is clean water.

The LifeStraw Mission, 12 Liter Unit, filters out viruses as well as bacteria. One unit costs $129.95 and can filter many thousands of liters of clean water.
Help us bring clean water to Haiti. Visit Amazon.com and buy a Lifestraw Mission. You can have it sent to:

Claire Cares
425 2nd Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30317

Please don’t send money.
100% of your gift will go to Haiti.
You may be able to save someone from getting cholera.
You might save someone’s life.
Love + Light,


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