By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs)


While many may view diversity and inclusion as a trend in the fashion world, Becca McCharen-Tran has had the concept rooted in her Chromat brand since its inception. Chromat is a swimwear brand which upholds the ideals of diversity amongst all women in all sizes, ethnic backgrounds, and other aspects as well. Chromat has always seemed to generate a positive response from the crowd with their diverse shows. Chromat’s Spring/Summer ‘19 show generated lots of high praise as the collection featured models who were transgender, one who had a prosthetic leg, and a breast cancer survivor baring her scars, all adorned in Chromat’s paradise driven colorways.

Chromat’s AW19 “Climatic” collection still kept the same energy focused on diversity, body positivity, and inclusion, but Becca McCharen-Tran decided to zero-in on something else important: global warming. With South Beach Miami feels in mind for the new collection, it opened her eyes to climate changes such as increased flooding and red tides. The AW19 Climatic collection consists of neon swimwear and metallic, sheer beachwear made of upcycled fabrics from old collections, old fishnets, and plastic bottles.

The playful neons and edgy designs makes this collection a perfect for day-to-evening with an awareness for social issues. Chromat shows models of different shades and body types in a natural makeup and adorned in leaves to illustrate the focus of diversity and love for the environment.

Pictures by Filippo Fior for Runway.

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