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*Intern Adriana sent over this very cool article from CNN on Being Black and Shopping in America (this is part of a CNN Black in America special by Soledad O’Brien airing tonight and tomorrow)…
The short piece describes a situation faced by many of us: Being profiled and followed while shopping. It happened to me as recently as this past Saturday when this one guy would not stop following my friends and I around a Sephora in Greenwich, CT. We were dressed fashionably, we didn’t even have big bags! And it happens so often, it doesn’t occur to me to complain about it! Have you been followed around? [CNN]

10 thoughts on “Christian Soriano for Bluefly + Black in America”

  1. Claire, same thing happened to me in a Sephora store in Long Island. I even blogged about it: http://myurbanglamour.blogspot.com/2008/07/oh-no-they-didnt.html

    I emailed my complaint to them and got a response from their general customer service area the next day saying they would forward my email to the general manager of that store. But how about more than 2 weeks later, no one at Sephora has gotten back to me about the incident.

    I’m just really sick of this “Shopping While Black” crap because if you pull the stats, we have an extremely large purchasing power parity yet get treated like common criminals in stores. *smh*

    BTW, I sent you an invite to our Glam Party in Brooklyn on 8/15—I hope to see you there!

  2. hmm pretty intereting. to above comment by Danielle, rather than calling the store, why not call the main customers service at Sephora? you will probably get better assistance.

    hmm I find more that class perception has a lot to do with it, especially from past research, but even then we held race constant so I’m sure. but that sucks =/

  3. Bombchell,

    It was the main customer service area at Sephora that I got in contact with and they were the ones who said they were forwarding the information to the director of the store where the incident occurred. But you’re right, I am getting better assistance from them than from the actual store.

  4. When I was younger and I’d hear the line in the En Vogue song “I can look without being watched” I didn’t understand what it meant. Now, unfortunately, I do.

  5. Its irritating to me. WHen I notice it I make up my ind that I’m done at that store. Sometimes I just walk out irritated, othertimes I play the game…. take a few steps, turn around, then look down and try to act busy, I move around, go to the other side of the store, make it really obvious taht they are following me and sometimes, the smart ones actually get it and lay off. I always want to ask “can I help you??” So irritating!

  6. I was shopping for my mother’s bday gift at Sephora in The Woodlands, TX and the manager called security on us! I was checking out the Carol’s Daughter products and the people kept on coming up to me, asking if I needed help. My sister and I had a lot of shopping bags but didn’t look like we were up to anything. The security guard was still watching us while we were in the checkout line buying Sephora merchandise! It was ridiculous!

  7. I’m tired of this too. So I said the next time it happens I going to say something. I did. I called him- the security guard- out on it. I said” why are you following me?”. OMG he got so flustered and started explaining and apologizing. He claimed he wasn’t following me of course. I suggest that we all speak up and call them out in thier tracks, make them explain the what and why. Make them feel just as uncomfortable as they have made you feel. Also when they keep asking if you need help- let them. Act like you are a freakin queen and let them serve you. Let them bring out tons of shoes,loads of clothes etc. Once you’ve had a few laughs on them- call them out on thier bs too. Just like a mugger in the night they don’t want to be seen doing the deed. So its up to US all the bring it to light. So yes be sure to complain to mgt/corp office etc after your instore light shining.

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