Don’t let the words deceive you.

The mastermind behind that red sole that embodies luxurious footwear has teamed up with Barbie to create ‘Cat Burglar Barbie.’


I’m sure you can all agree when I say that this is one fierce Barbie!  Clad in a leather cat suit and sporting the Differa sandals, this Barbie definitely stole my heart the first time I saw it.  And to add fire to the fashionista flame, she comes with three more pairs of Louboutin’s, each with their own box and dust bag.

You can live vicariously through her for $150 here.  But is all sold out.  Keep checking until they’re back in stock.


4 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin for…Barbie?”

  1. I saw this Barbie the other day on their website, and thought how fierce, my only thing is why does she have to be a cat burglar and not an upstanding citizen?

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