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Once you have decided to create your own clothing line, determining where to manufacture your products is among the first decisions that must be made. There are denim jeans manufacturer & distributors and suppliers in the United States and overseas. If you are looking for clothing manufacturers in the United States, Denim Manufacturing by Private Label Apparel offers small minimums, quick delivery, and reasonable pricing for everything from cut and sew to full production packages. 

When choosing women’s clothing manufacturers, there are benefits and drawbacks to both domestic and foreign sourcing. The right decision for a specific brand depends on a variety of factors, so you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each to make the best decision for your brand, label, or boutique. 

Domestic manufacturers offer advantages for specific situations. When you need a small quantity, small order, small batch clothing manufacturer and want a short lead time, a domestic contractor is likely the best choice for you. Small factories in the United States often have much lower minimum order quantities than international clothing manufacturers. If you only need 100 pieces and their minimum order is 1,000, it will not be a good fit. 

Manufacturing your product in the United States offers a range of other advantages for your product and the people making it. The quality of clothing manufactured in the United States tends to be higher than products sourced overseas. In addition, there are higher standards for manufacturing and labor in the United States, which means that products are often better constructed and working conditions are safer and more equitable for employees. 

As a designer, you have more protections when you use domestic manufacturers. There are strict intellectual property rights that protect you against having your product copied or mass produced by a competition. These protections do not exist in many other countries and counterfeiting of designs is a serious problem when products are manufactured overseas. 

When you work with clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles, USA, you can label your products as Made in the USA. This offers significant benefits for marketing and branding, especially as consumer preference for domestically produced merchandise continues to increase. More than 80% of respondents in a variety of surveys indicated a preference for purchasing products that are made in the United States, so it can be advantageous to use this in your advertising. 

The disadvantages of domestic sourcing are basically the advantages of overseas manufacturing. Specifically, cost is often the deciding factor for brands that make the decision to manufacture their products overseas. Foreign manufacturers are often significantly cheaper than products manufactured in the United States. Lower labor costs, incentives from foreign governments, and minimal taxes make manufacturing internationally attractive to many companies. 

It is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of working with domestic and international clothing manufacturers to make the right decisions for your business. While foreign manufactured goods are often cheaper, the time in customs and associated shipping costs can take more time and money. Domestic manufacturers are especially useful when you need small batches, faster delivery, and to protect your intellectual property and brand reputation.