Today hot online boutique is joining us for yet another giveaway! They’re offering a pair of LNA Zipper Leggings ($99 retail) to Fashion Bomb Twitter followers and readers with the best search skills:

LNA Zipper Leggings

The cute colorful leggings add dash of fashion to any outfit. Wear with a tunic top or under a miniskirt for fashionable fall flair!

Want a pair? Leave a comment AND tweet us on twitter with the twitter name of Rihanna’s stylist. Be sure to include our twitter name (@thefashionbomb) and the color leggings you’d love to have!

Rihanna Venice Manager Wedding

Chickdowntown carries tons of cool designers including J Brand, Black Halo, and BCBG. Check out their twitter page at for their daily giveaways!

Until then leave a comment and good luck!

17 thoughts on “Chickdowntown + Twitter Giveaway : LNA Zipper Leggings!”

  1. I answered on Twitter but I don’t know if I’m right or not, lol! I think her stylist is Mariel Haenn. As for what color I’d would like (if I’m right, of course) I have no idea…

  2. Mariel Haenn. I copied the first one, so I wouldn’t spell her name wrong, and accidently pasted the second part. My twitter name is nicole_gilmore7. @MarielHaenn

  3. One of the best style and fashion blog in the world. Her stylist is Mariel Haenn [@MarielHaenn] and i would like the dark grey leggings.

  4. Mariel Haenn!

    Love these leggings — especially in charcoal!

    My ID on Twitter is: GradSchooMommy — and I tweeted:

    “@thefashionbomb — Rihanna’s stylist is Mariel Haenn. Hoping for the LNA leggings in charcoal….”

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