By: Morgan Smith (@muvamorgs) for Fashion Bomb Daily


Singer, Celine Dion recently hopped on the gender neutral trend in fashion by collaborating with the Israeli childrenswear brand, nununu, to create the newest brand line called Celinununu. The idea of gender-neutrality and gender-binary is deeply rooted in the social issues of the country in terms of transgender rights, the gender pay gap, and other things. Gender neutrality is all about equality of the races and seeing everyone as one in the world.

Celine Dion announced the launching of the brand through a minute and 35 second video of the singer changing the colors in a maternity ward from pink and blue to black and white. The singer was then taken away by police for committing the act. Celinununy ditches the typical gender distinction colors and stereotypes and encourages equality through “combining two forces to be one voice”. The brand encourages parents to inspire their children to be free and allow them to express themselves however they please.