Celebrity Nike Air Jordans

Celebrity couples have been jetsetting all over Europe, stopping in Paris (woot!) and Rome wearing comfy Nike Air Jordan Sneakers. Swizz Beatz was spotted with girlfriend Alicia Keys rocking Nike Air Jordan 60+”Detroit Pistons”sneakers ($135) and Kamber was spied in Rome wearing his and hers Air Jordan Retro 3’s ($150).


Though I couldn’t call myself much of a sneakerhead, the unisex shoes seem to work for laid back strolls in far off locales. And they’re pretty affordable!

Get your own unique pair here.

Source: Upscale Hype

9 thoughts on “Celebs Love : Nike Air Jordans”

  1. I know I’m missing something, but I just don’t get why everyone loves Air Jordan’s so much. Are they really that comfortable? Because Nike makes so many other shoes that I like better. Interesting post though, thanks.

  2. Everyone seems to like jordans because they look nice, and they’re made by the greatest basketball player ever which makes them even better…so duhh

  3. hey claire i was wonder if you could tell me what jacket amber rose is wearing and do a post on motocycle leather jackets

  4. I love wearing Jordans. I love pairing them with super feminine touches or throwing a leather jacket on with them.

  5. J’s have been a trend for a long time. What’s great about them is they’re accessible. You can have to same pair as your favorite celebs. Plus they’re comfortable and there are so many kinds with a variety of colors.

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