An evening clutch bags can elevate an outfit to the next level. And what better way to do that than with a bejeweled clutch bag in your perfectly manicured hands.

New York based designer Judith Leiber, has dominated every major red carpet event recently. With celebrity fans such as Jenifer Lopez, Rihanna and Alicia Keys, you can see why they all fall in love with these jewel encrusted novelty shaped bags.

Judith Leiber Brick Phone
Image: @keke
Judith Leiber Gold Boom Box
Image: @AliciaKeys
Judith Leiber Stash of Cash
Image: @jlo

From lipsticks, food, animals and even every day items there is a Judith Leiber bag for any fashionista.

Judith Leiber French Fries Fresh and Hot
Image: @HudaKattan
Judith Leiber Pink Diamond
Image: @jlynnstyle18
Judith Leiber Seamless Leopard
Image: @BadgalRiri

Now, these luxury bags are not cheap with the cheapest version sitting pretty at $995 for a simple and classic shaped clutch. Some of the more eye catching designs are a couple thousand dollars – at least.

However, if you could… you would right? Who could say no to owning one of these spectacular works of art. Feel the need to splurge? You can get your own Judith Leiber bag online.

Judith Leiber Wildcat Snow Leopard
Image: @Lupita_Nyongo
Judith Leiber Candy Peppermint
Image: @KrisJenner
Judith Leiber Custom
Image: @NickyHilton
Judith Leiber Brick Phone
Image: @KourtneyKardashian

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