If celebrities are known for one thing, it’s their appearance. They are expected to maintain their bodies and keep up their looks. It’s no surprise, then, that celebrities are creating their own workout brands. Whether you are looking for utilitarian garments or something for a sexy workout, there are plenty of options from celebrity brands. Below are a few celebrities who have workout brands.

Beyonce’s Ivy Park

Beyonce is a businesswoman that has made waves in our culture. In addition to all the music, performances, music videos, and movies, the artist also has a clothing line. Ivy Park is her brand, and there are plenty of options for clothing, even a Valentine’s Day collection. Ivy Park collaborated with Adidas on a chic workout line. This line of gender-neutral exercise gear changed the game for many. Now anyone can buy the same item of workout clothing and look great while they exercise.

Venus Williams’ EleVen

Who better to create an exercise brand than a top-tier athlete? Venus Williams has an athletic company called EleVen. You might have heard of it, but maybe you didn’t know it was Williams’ brand. She has said that the clothing brand is her creative outlet, where she can combine her knowledge of sports and inspiration to create good-looking and utilitarian workout gear and clothes to play tennis in. Beyond the clothing for playing tennis, there are plenty of garments for everyday life and exercise.

The Rock’s Project Collection

Another perfect celebrity to create a workout brand is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. This professional wrestler has transcended his origins and has become a movie star, but he is still known for his insane workout routine and cheat days when he shows his large meal on Instagram. He is as fit as ever. His collaboration with Under Armour makes light and durable exercise clothing for lifting weights and keeping your nose to the grindstone. A portion of the proceeds from the Project Rock Collection go to a non-profit called Team Rubicon, which supports veterans.

Jennifer Lopez’s Nyama Sol

Jennifer Lopez is a celebrity who is known for her fit body. She isn’t young anymore, but she still looks great. J’Lo’s clothing brand is called Nyama Sol. The brand primarily focuses on exercise leggings. Each pair has a different design. Some of them even have faces on them. If you are looking for a legging you can use to exercise in, look no further than J’Lo’s Nyama Sol.

Heidi Klum’s HKNB

Model Heidi Klum is also known for her body and looks. She is also a TV host and is no stranger to branding. Klum’s collaboration with New Balance is called HKNB, which is her first attempt at designing clothing. HKNB was only making clothing from 2010 to 2016, but since then other celebrities have followed in her footsteps, designing good-looking and effective workout clothing. When it comes to clothes for exercising, there’s just about no one better to design it than a successful model.

Carrie Underwood’s Calia

While Carrie Underwood isn’t known for playing sports or exercising, the Grammy Award-winning country singer collaborated with Dick’s Sporting Goods to make a line of fitness apparel in 2015. The brand is called Calia. According to Underwood, the goal of the brand is to help women look as good on the outside as they feel on the inside. The vision is that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.

Celebrities are known for starting their own brands. It doesn’t matter whether the person is known for their appearance and exercise routine, or if they are also interested in working out, there are plenty of different athletic and exercise apparel lines to choose from, and celebrities have become known for their brands.

Depending on what you are looking for, there is a celebrity athletic brand for you. Whether you want to lift weights, run, or simply have clothing you can wear from the gym to the store, there are all kinds of exercise clothing that can get the job done. You don’t need to sacrifice style for function. These days, there are many brands that focus on satisfying both desires. When it comes to workout clothing, the above celebrity brands offer what you want.