Catching PHEELZ  by Designer Tasha & Simeon Akinbulumo 

A beautiful day in Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria and we are preparing the creative space for the arrival of Pheelz. We wanted to make sure he felt the artistic energy and freedom when he is shooting. Pheelz arrived and Designer Tasha walks him through his wardrobe and shows him his custom pieces of apparel with his artwork on it. Pheelz then offered up a huge hug & smile. All of his clothing were made custom by Nigerian designers and we even had some custom sneakers done for him. Pheelz is not only a phenomenal producer and music artist, he is also a creative artist and has astonishing artwork. We want you to dive into this interview and get all of the questions answered that you had about Pheelz, because we are definitely catching PHEELZ…

Introduce yourself to those that may not know who you are? 

I’m Pheelz, a music producer, artist, and creative genius. 

Where did the name “Pheelz” come from?

It all started with my chemistry teacher calling me “Pheel” and down the line, Olamide added the “z” to it and made it Pheelz so I just stuck with that. 

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria

What inspires you? 

My life in general. God, the universe, and people also inspire me. 

Tell us about the first time that you realized that you were a big deal and that ppl seen you as famous? 

I feel like I still haven’t realized that yet because such a realization could get into the head. So I just choose to see myself as human and I live my life and tell my story through songs. However far that reaches, then that’s fine by me. I just want to see myself like as everybody else — a human living life.


You are such a legend and the force behind several unforgettable songs… What sparked your interest in producing?

I wanted to make music for songs I was writing. I started writing poems at a young age then I turned those poems to lyrics and later, when I wanted to make music to my lyrics, I started producing. 

Which is your first love, being the artist or being the producer? 

Being the artist actually. But being the producer just got more light initially because I wanted to make beats to the songs I was writing. So being the artist was my first love.

You have worked with every person that an artist or producer would want to work with, who do you desire to work with? 

Right now, I have a long list of people I’d like to work with. Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Drake, Rosalía, Adele, Billie Eilish…everyone at this point. 

Explain your fashion style and your influence. 

My fashion style is comfort first. I have to be comfortable in whatever I wear. I like dressing how I feel and I don’t follow any rule. I don’t believe in rules or boxes. I just put comfort first and dress how I feel. 

How was your experience working with Designer Tasha on this shoot? 

It was fun working with her…good energy. Plus, I like the looks and the vibe. For me, it was all about the energy and the vibe!

Tell us something about you that we don’t know… favorite food? 

My favorite food right now is Amala. Recently, it has been a very important item in my life. It used to be beans and plantain, but right now, it’s Amala. 

How do you get prepared for a show?

I dress fly as fuck. Do jumping jacks or push-ups just to pump the blood into my heart and my brain. Then, I’m ready to perform.

What is your favorite song that you have produced or written? 

There’s a song called “Ballin” which will be released this year. I can’t wait to share it with the world. 

What’s the story behind your chart topping single “Finesse”?

I was making beats in the studio with a newly signed producer named Miichkel. When he played the beat, I thought it sounded dope. So, I added the melody, lyrics, and layers to the chorus. That’s how “Finesse” was born. 

We so so want to know about RiiTribe and RiiCollective. 

The Triibe is what I call the group of people who support me. Everyone who listens to my music and supports me on this journey. RiiCollective is a creative space where I express myself through other art forms. When I’m not creating music, I spend time working on graphic and motion designs. 

From Dr Dre to ChainSmokers to Usher to French Montana and many more…Break it to us, what’s coming? & when will your album be dropping?

My debut album will be released very soon. But for now, the next project is an EP which will be released next year. I’ll be wrapping up the year with a single called “Ballin” and I can’t wait to put it out there for the world to hear. 

What advice would you give to an upcoming producer or music artist? 

I don’t like giving advice because everyones journey is different. But one thing I’ll say is appreciate the valleys because it makes the mountains make sense.

TALENT: Pheelz 

STYLIST: Designer Tasha

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Simeon Akinbulumo 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Simeon Akinbulumo 


PHOTO EDITOR: Albert Ogunde 


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