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Last month, I traveled to Thailand with my husband for what was undoubtedly an epic honeymoon. We both agreed it was an unforgettable trip. Thus, Thailand is a place I would recommend to anyone. Typically, a Thailand itinerary is filled with lots of Island hopping including a visit to the capital of Bangkok. Since it was our honeymoon, we wanted to keep travels within Thailand to a minimum, and decided to stay put in Phuket. Despite straying from the norm, Phuket was filled with lots of amazing things to do. In fact, if you have to choose one Island, I would strongly suggest staying there since it’s the only Island that houses all the top tourist attractions. Here are the top 5 things to do in Phuket:

1. Big Buddha

It is the tallest statue in the country, and the 9th tallest statue in the world. This revered statue sits atop a hill at 300 ft. tall and 200 ft. wide. To get to the Big Buddha we had to drive up a steep mountain. Due to reverence, women are not allowed to walk up to see the famous landmark unless appropriately dressed. If not, staff members pass out scarves for visitors to cover up.

Once we walked up to the top of the steps, we were greeted by the enormous work of art. As we turned around to see what was behind us, we were blown away by the gorgeous panoramic view of the entire Island.

At the base of the statue, smaller gold statues of buddhists and monks encircled. Underneath, monks sang tunes as they worshipped. All in all, it was a very humbling experience.

2. Tiger Kingdom (locations in Phuket & Bangkok)

I was so eager to visit Tiger Kingdom. The first thing I witnessed were the large animals pacing back and forth with their menacing stare. Right then and there, I began to have second thoughts. There were options to see small, medium, or large tigers; we chose the medium ones. I was reluctant to go into the cage at first, but finally mustered up the courage.

Once in, the trainers walked us through the cage with 4-5 tigers lying around. They had us sit and pose with the tigers while they captured the moment on our phones. I was watching my back every step of the way. Though it was nerve wracking as hell, I was happy to be able to cross that off my bucket list.

3. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary (locations in Phuket & Chaing Mai).

I was not going to leave Thailand without the experience of interacting with their national animal. Prior to going to EJS, we saw lots of elephant shrines. Locals would go in to worship because of the spiritual significance the elephant has within Buddhist and Hindhu beliefs.

We had the option of choosing between a morning and afternoon tour; we decided on the morning. Our tour guide was awesome and hilarious. He debriefed us on the three elephants on site, providing us with their history. From there, we prepared watermelons and bananas for them to eat.

After their feeding, we joined the elephants for a mud bath which was my absolute favorite part. It was great to get down and dirty with them as they playfully sprayed us with their trunks. Though intimidating in size, the elephants were docile and friendly. After the mud bath, we moved on to clean waters to wash up.

To conclude, we indulged in a Thai buffet that was prepared for us as the elephants pranced around in all their glory. As I scanned the tables, I could see everyone smiling with contentment. It was a great tour!

4. Promthep Cape Viewpoint

Phuket’s viewpoints are magnificent. Of the nine viewpoints, Promthep Cape is the #1 of them all, offering up breathtaking views for sightseers. The best time to visit the viewpoint is during sunset. We arrived just as the sun was setting. The view of Rawai beach coupled with the backdrop of mountains was splendid. Given the scenery, the atmosphere was perfect for lovers. No words were necessary, we stood still and gazed at God’s beautiful creation until the sun had completely set. So glad it was on our itinerary.

5. Phi Phi Islands

I decided to save the best for last. It would be an absolute sin to go to Thailand without visiting the Phi Phi Islands. It’s a group of Islands located in the province of Krabi that you travel to via speedboat. Luckily for us, we scored the trip for free. This was a full day tour that required an early rise. The tour consisted of 3 different islands and two  stops for snorkeling. At each island, we reveled in marvelous beaches. It seemed like we were a long ways away from civilization.

Words cannot describe the beauty of the limestone karsts that stood tall in the crystal blue waters. We both looked in awe at the breathtaking imagery. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. (Please note: you will need loads of sunscreen and plan to keep your itinerary at a minimum the next day. You will be exhausted from this trip!) Needless to say, this was the highlight of our honeymoon. Even if it weren’t free, it would’ve been worth every penny!

Again, there are truly no words to describe all the beauty that Thailand possesses. I encourage all of you to place this trip on your bucket list so you can have first hand experience. If you plan on going, it’s a great idea to rent a bike. Not only will it save money on taxi fare, it will also allow for a more organic experience (Google maps was our best friend.) As for food, we randomly selected restaurants as we rode around; never to be disappointed. We ate to our hearts content!

I would highly recommend staying at a villa, especially one with a pool. You can rent one through HomeAway.com at a reasonable price. You should also be sure to get a Thai massage. Should money hold you back, consider the fact that the U.S dollar goes a long way in Thailand. Our most lavish meals did not exceed $22 total for the both of us. My point is, don’t let anything hold you back from experiencing the marvels of this country.

Well, it’s a wrap! What are some of your favorite destinations you would recommend for a stellar vacation?