Today we’re having a special contest sponsored by Perricone MD skin care products!

A favorite of celebrities like Oprah, Perricone products are known for their anti aging properties and top of the line skin care ingredients.
Today Perricone MD is giving away a special product to the person who leaves the wittiest, most imaginative caption to this picture in the comments section:


Show off your writing skills and win Perricone MD’s Advanced Face Firming Activator, (a $120 value):


The comment doesn’t have to relate to Perricone MD…it just has to be funny!

Have fun!

*Contest limited to US Residents Only
This product is paraben-free and will leave your skin smooth and glowing. This is a Perricone best-seller which transforms skin to appear firm and toned using Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE. Reveal your radiant skin! It’s recommended to apply this in the morning to the face and neck and follow with moisturizer.

24 thoughts on “Caption This! Perricone MD Contest”

  1. I actually saw this company on oprah, but I think it was related to Acai … I’d love this for my mom …

  2. my face looks like a wrinkly sharpe dog! i could really use that face firming activator!

  3. How about “Ooooooh! You said a bad word!”? I’d love to get this cream for me AND my mom!

  4. Will: Man back up off Teyana, she dont want none of your bitchassness…Dawn already told the world…stop embarassing yourself!

    Que: I know you ain’t talking,with your 5 head..

    Will: Shutup before I tell her why your lips are really that pink..

  5. Que: So, YOU released those photos of Cassie and Rihanna, didn’t you Teyana?

    Teyana: *GASP!*

    Will: Oooooooooooohhhhhhh!

  6. Teyana: Facial expression: OMG! Actual thought: Um Que i think every1 already knows the bitchassness u display on t.v. has something to do with what a real queen u really are but i’ll act like i didnt know.

    Will:Facial expression: Ooooooooooh! Actual thought: cant wait to confirm this to da other guys! Hee Hee, Dawn is gonna fall off her chair when she hears this 1! insert evil laugh LOL!

    Que: Facial Expression: Bitch-ass-ness!!! Actual thought: Wow they are really surprised. Dang I’m good they had no idea i was in da closet, hopefully they keep the promise n not tell a soul.

  7. Q telling Teyana about the group’s consensus to add her as the newest member of Day 26. Tiana is thinking about how she’ll finally have those really, REALLY hot back up dancers her management hasn’t been able to afford yet. Moments of excitement like this can put alot of pressure even on beautiful black skin- time to upgrade to Perricone MD (and not to mention, a pair of fresh kicks) to look fly for that tour! Google us baby.

  8. Que: (in very loud voice) Oooooo Will – when we walked in the club and they checked Teyanna ID, I happened to notice that the year on it was 1974. What’s that about Teyanna??? HUH HUH
    Will: Teyanna, you, what (counting in head) 35?? WTF IS that about??
    Teyanna: OMG (utterly shocked)how’d u see that!? Hey its true…I owe it all to Perricone MD, so now imagine how old Oprah really is cuz she put me on!!??? (uh oh facial expression for spilling the beans)
    lol :)

  9. Que just realized why some of his clothes were missing from his home the other day. Teyana’s been a little low on cash since her newly found addiction to Perricone MD!! One thing you definitely won’t find when you google her is bad skin!

  10. Teyanna: OMG Will, you use Perricone MD’s Face Firming Activator too?!

    Will: SHHH! You better not tell anyone…how else do you think I keep this beautiful face so young?

    Que: You what? Wait until I tell everyone this…haha

  11. Teyanna: (embarrassed face) Im sorry Que.. I didnt mean to say that I seen you coming out of the dressing room in Victoria Secrets…

    Will: (surprised face) oooowwww.. omg- what is that about Que…thongs of bikinis?

    Que: (slips up)… Thongs!… oooh no no no… If you say anything to Puff, the guys or Dawn.. imma ring your neck!!!!

  12. Q – “Baby girl, maybe you should try Perricone MD’s Advanced Face Firming Activator… just tryin to be real wit ya”

    Teyana – “Ooooooo!!!!”

    Will – “Oooo no you didn’t”

  13. I don’t have anything clever to say, but I think Amanda won..she started it off and everyone just bit off of her…sorry ya’ll..

  14. Q: Okay Teyana. Who told you to get that weave? Looking like Diana Ross on crack at a truck stop.

    Teyana: Whaaaat. No he didn’t just say that!

    Will: OOOOoo. Burn… (I wonder if they make Perricone Hair Firming Activator??.. Nahh)

  15. Caption:

    Q: “I told you – you shoulda got on with Day 26 Making of the Band reality show! You see how our albums about to drop!! Now you gonna have to shave of all your hair like Cassie to get some Bad Boy love!!!

    Teyana: “GASP! Slight Squeal! OOHH!!”

    Will: DDAAYYUUMMM QUE! You wrong!!! Ooohhh…”

    AAHAHAHA!! Sorry I crack myself up!

  16. “If we all keep making faces like this they’re gonna freeze like that…can Perricone fix that kind of damage?”

  17. Day 26 member, Q, tells Teyana Taylor that she accidently sent Perez Hilton those naked pictures that Rihanna took for her, instead of Willie.

  18. “I won Perricone MD products?! A LIFETIME SUPPLY? That’s fantastic! Now this boy of mine will stop pointing out all of my skin’s imperfections.”

  19. This product looks great! Maybe something I could give to my mom…late mothers day gift?

  20. It’s times like this I wish I were creative, I really want that Perricone stuff! It sounds great!

  21. Wait, you use Perricone too?

    Shhh, not everyone can know the secret to this great face now…

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