When’s the last time you purchased a dress by Tracy Reese? Or ordered an item from LaQuan Smith?
Do You Support Black Designers?
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I only ask this question because yesterday, when I posted an article about June Ambrose’s 2nd sunglass collection with Selima Optique, quite a few comments were a bit disparaging. ANON00 wrote, “$250 to $350. They’re cute but her demographic does not fit what she’s trying to do. she’s more QVC, her shades should be $90 to $160 IMO. This reminds me of when she tried to sell those turbans for over $100.” Another Anonymous commenter added, “No thanks…the Versace shades I bought from Macy’s were only $190…”

June Ambrose sunglasses line with selima optique
Interesting that most of us wouldn’t hesitate to buy a pair of $200 Versace frames, but when the tag reads June Ambrose, we suddenly feel the goods need to be offered at a bargain price.

2 June Ambrose Launches Sunglasses Line

Of course we’re all adults: buy what you like! But if we wish to see a change in this industry from a diversity standpoint–with more models and people of color in general– shouldn’t we show support with our wallets?
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What do you think?
And when’s the last time you purchased an item from a black designer?
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