New wrist bling from Louis Vuitton? We’ll take it! Fashion and technology have been collaborating a lot in the more recent years due to the digitally inclined society. Louis Vuitton is the newest brand to join in on the game with a fly smartwatch equipped with exclusive features.

The watch rings in anywhere from $2,450 to $2,900. Wow! That’s like buying one of their bags. Is it worth it? Well, it has apps like “The Flight” that informs you of upcoming flights, gate information, delays and more. Sounds worth it to me.

The smartwatch is only one product of Louis Vuitton’s goal of “participating in the future,” according to Michael Burke, CEOTheir luggage, footwear, and ready-to-wear are the next products that will be connected to technology.

The watch tutorial and information on purchasing is on

What do you think of LV’s new smartwatch?

Photos Courtesy of Quartz