So as promised, I’ll give you the best of what I saw at Brooklyn Fashion Weekend! Several designers showed, but I only saw a handful…out of those only two caught my eye.
First designer that you should know is Joan Vaccianna (www.vaccianna.com), who says on her website that, “lights from hard core steel buildings [and] the pulse of trains underground,” inspired this contemporary collection tailored for the young woman with edge.
The collection featured sheer knits and ruffled satin tops worn with pencil skirts…


Evening and cocktail dresses fashioned out of everything from skin clinging leather to more forgiving chiffon and satin…
..and sultry frocks with short hemlines and tailored bodices.
The final walk…

…not quite avant garde, but very promising. And her work with leather is in fact different–I look forward to seeing more! Keep posted on Vaccianna by going to www.vaccianna.com or its Myspace page, www.myspace.com/dezinez4u.

I also enjoyed designer’s Miss Bruno’s presentation (www.missbruno.com). The collection consisted exclusively of overwhelming, eye catching scarves, perfect for spring weather.

The ample fabric allows one to pull the scarf over the head to fashion a hood…
…colors like coral and cream pop against more demure backdrops. And boys…don’t sleep! This works for you as well…
I caught the final walk:

It’s always great to discover new talent; and an event like Brooklyn Fashion Weekend allows us to see the next big thing. Next stop, the Tents of Bryant Park!

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*Miss Bruno’s designs are available on their website! A few of my favorites:
Top Row: Peze Cafe, $50; Delancey Blues, $110.

Bottom Row: Rupees & Yen, $60; U-Carmen, $40.
All at www.missbruno.com. No lie, I’m thinking of getting a coral creation. $40 is a steal for unique style!
*The Wall Street Journal on the business of selling
Lauren Conrad. Am I the only one slightly annoyed by her? She’s super cute, but talent? Questionable. My two cents! [WSJ]
*Should I get a reality show too? Just askin… (rhetorically, of course)
*One of our favorite bad girls, Eve…
is set to help design Cartier’s ‘love’ bangles. [Fashionista]

7 thoughts on “Brooklyn Fashion Weekend: Designers You Should Know”

  1. You know, I have to agree with you regarding LC. I have not observed any designs that would propel me to purchase from her line. I don’t know, I guess the jury’s still out, but I certainly don’t believe the final verdict will be favorable.

  2. Props to LC for accomplishing so much at such a young age. Her dresses wouldn’t be fit for me to use as rags to wash my car and her life on the Hills is unrealistic as it gets, but she’s my generation’s Carrie Bradshaw!

  3. i am absolutely in love with mis bruno’s collection. But i have to wear a scarf with anything and everything and those are to die for.
    i completely agree about LC. i don’t think she deserved a spot at LA fashion week. designers work their whole lives to get a spot like that and just bc she’s on some reality shows she gets te noteriety? Whatever.

  4. Lauren Conrad is “my generation’s Carrie Bradshaw”???

    She seems to lack the talent, her personal life seems more high-school drama than sexy intrigue…wait, I can’t seem to find ANYTHING that could make you say such a thing.

    If Lauren Conrad is the best person our generation has to compare to the likes of Carrie Bradshaw, then I feel pretty bad for our generation.

  5. Claire I have a question….was the brooklyn fashion week another one of those events that the “regular folks” are excluded from?

  6. Lish,
    Not quite sure about the ticket process for Brooklyn Fashion Week. I got the impression that most of the people there were either press or friends of the designers (like NY Fashion Week). But security there was *nothing* like Bryant Park. I’m sure you could’ve finagled a way in or offered to pay for a seat.

  7. Here in L.A, nobody digs LC’s line. The only people buying it are those same silly girls who want to be like Paris Hilton, but LC wants to isolate from that???

    I initially watched the Hills because LC was at FIDM (at the time, I was enrolling there). But the show ended up being about her silly high school antics.

    She was boring on LB, and she’s STILL boring on the Hills.

    she chases guys that don’t want her, and she has ditzy friends who date guys who ditch them in Vegas.

    I watched the premiere on Monday (i was bored, and Cops went off), and when she decided to wear her designer gown to go hang out with some silly band (that could’ve cut her and Whitney up in little pieces),only to be dumb enough to hang it too close to a curling iron, then call the boutique wanting a new dress, only to wear THAT on a scooter bike after the drama from the first dress?!!?!?

    i’m sorry ladies, but i can’t deal with stupidity.

    back to her line. the collection is not a cohesive one. it looks like Forever 21/Wetseal quality dresses.

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