Previously seen understood as a taboo, plastic surgery or body enhancement is being accepted in a lot of countries. With the increasing number of people engaging in how to enhance their physical appearance, the beauty and medical industry has also been prospering and developing through the years.

As such, breast augmentation has also shed the spotlight because most individuals wish to express their fervent desire to improve it. Since this body part is the most important identification for femininity, a lot of people would make them bigger or shape them a little better.  

Definition of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the enhancement, restoration, or improvement of the breasts. Also known as the “boob job”, this involves the employment of breast implants under the chest muscles or breast tissues.

There are various types of breast augmentation for which differ depending on the type of the implants used, the position of the incision, and the place it will be situated. Generally, the surgeons will have the final decision on what technique to use and how the procedure will be executed basing on the desires and expectations of the clients.

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Types of Breast Implants

Generally, there are two types of breast implants: the medical-grade silicone gel and the fat transfer.

The medical-grade silicone gel, or commonly known as silicone breast implants, is often used because of its more comfortable feeling and natural-looking results. However, the results of this treatment might differ on another individual – the person may not have the same feeling, size, and shape comparing to the other individual.

On the other hand, the fat transfer is offered for those who wish to improve their breasts in moderate sizes. Unlike the previous implant, this requires a suitable and adequate amount of fat present on the client’s body to be transferred into the breast; this also means that no foreign materials will be inserted into the body.

People who can undergo the Treatment

Anyone on the right age and have a fully developed breast can undergo the treatment. It is also important that they are not pregnant or breastfeeding and are physically healthy. The usual reasons why people undergo this procedure is because they have small breasts, breasts that have lost volume and shape because of aging, weight loss, and pregnancy, and have asymmetric breasts. Breast augmentation can also help people attain a fuller shape and balance those with undeveloped and elongated shapes.  

The Preparation

Before undergoing a knife, patients are highly recommended to have consultations with the experts. This would determine whether their body is capable of handling the surgery and is mentally fit to do so. Certain medications such as supplements, multi-vitamins, and blood thinners will have to be stopped two weeks before the procedure and the indulgence of tobacco will be stopped six weeks prior.

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