Today we have a guest Breaking into Fashion Interview from Tysha White from Styled to a Tea!
Ayesha and Stephen Curry are known for far more than whipping in the kitchen and throwing the perfect shot. The Curry’s have been making waves in fashion, and we have one woman from the sixth side to thank. Meet, Sheraine Robinson, 25 year old Toronto native, and wardrobe stylist to Golden State Warrior Stephen Curry.

Ayesha and Steph Curry's Stylist Sheraine RobinsonSheraine_RedShoe
Not only is Sheraine Steph’s stylist, she’s also wardrobe stylist for his wife, Ayesha, who just released a baby mocassin line in collaboration with Freshly Picked. We had the chance to catch up with the Sheraine during the finals, one of the most busy times in the NBA, to give you tips on how she broke into fashion.

She says, “I got into fashion seriously when I was in high school. People would always comment (good and bad) about the outfits I put together. Soon people started asking me to help them find outfits. That’s when I knew there was something there.”She explains that she knew fashion was for her at a very young age, “As a child, I was always pretty vocal about what I wanted to wear.”

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The budding stylist attended University of Carleton as a psychology major. Eventually, Sheraine’s love for fashion lead her to her dream occupation. She practices the art of mixing high and low pieces to create the perfect ensemble. Sheraine describes her personal style as, “Versatile; I never stick to one trend. I literally just wake up and put on whatever I feel matches my mood that day. I’m the girl in the club wearing sneakers one day, and then a bomb pair of heels the next. I get dressed up some days and I’m not even going anywhere. It really just depends on how I feel!”
3 Ayesha and Steph Curry's Stylist Sheraine Robinson

Sheraine cites June Ambrose as one of her style influences, “I’ve always called her my fashion fairy Godmother. [I’m also feeling Rihanna’s style.] I love the carefree ‘do what I want’ attitude she has when it comes to her style.”

She discovered her love for fashion as a child, studied psychology in college, and she chooses ensembles based on her mood. So, how did she land a gig styling one of the best basketball players in the league? “Knowing Ayesha for many years, she’s watched as I’ve gone through the motions of turning my love of fashion into a career and lifestyle. After starting out doing closet revamps, about a year ago the opportunity was presented to me to be their stylist.” Currently Sheraine works solely with the Curry’s. What a client’s dream it must be to have a stylist all to themselves!

Ayesha and Steph Curry's Stylist Sheraine Robinson Ayesha_AsymetricSkirt
Sheraine describes the Curry’s personal style as young and fresh, she says, “They stay pretty true to themselves, but are still open minded to try new things.”
90 Ayesha and Steph Curry's Stylist Sheraine Robinson

Styling isn’t all glitz and glam, just like every other occupation! The job has its downsides, like hauling a dozen bags down the street! In reference to the best/worst parts about being a fashion stylist, Sheraine offers, “I can honestly say that every part of my job is the best, I’ve been blessed to be able to do something I love, see places I’ve never seen, and many people don’t get that opportunity. The most exciting parts for me would be the fitting process, and then seeing the actual looks in motion. The worst part for me right now would be carrying heavy garment and shopping bags! I always think about how funny I must look walking down the street with what seems like a thousand bags sometimes. I’m still pretty fresh in the game, so I’m sure that may or may not change in the future!”
9 Ayesha and Steph Curry's Stylist Sheraine Robinson

In terms of advice for aspiring stylists, she says, “Network, It’s really a major part of the industry. Be resilient, always work towards your goal. Intern and/or job shadowing, hands on experience is priceless!”
2 Ayesha and Steph Curry's Stylist Sheraine Robinson
There is nothing more rewarding to a stylist than a client that understands their vision, and trusts their stylist enough to know they’ll never steer them wrong.
For more on Sheraine Robinson, check out her Instagram @byslr, or her personal website at

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Until next time Bombshells, stay styled!
-Tysha White

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