Maya Lake, designer of bomb brand Boxing Kitten (, recently hit us up with her fabulous Fall 2009 Lookbook:


The new seasons promises more African inspired frocks in a melange of bright colors like yellow, purple, and orange. Sophisticated ball shoulder shifts in teal play with frothy skirts in pink and green. It seems the accessories are key here–made for the girly girl and tomboy alike, Maya pairs A line skirts with combat boots and brightly colored opaque tights.

Check it out:

Boxing Kitten Fall 2009 Lookbook

Boxing Kitten Fall 2009 Lookbook

Boxing Kitten Fall 2009 Lookbook

Boxing Kitten Fall 2009 Lookbook

Do you love?

Read more about Boxing Kitten in this vintage FB post!

13 thoughts on “Boxing Kitten Fall 2009 Lookbook”

  1. @ moi, I agree. I’m Nigerian and we have been wearing this for YEARS…its funny how American designers think they have found something so unique and different…Oh please!!

  2. I’m Nigerian too, and I can get those for less than 200, all I have to do is call up an auntie and have the style I want made.

  3. LOL @ Jen! Sooo true! I’m Ghanaian, so it’s nothing new. But I can definitely see how these bold prints capture the eyes of those who aren’t used to seeing these prints everyday.

  4. I’m Ghanaian as well and I understand everyone’s else opinions, butI like the designs and patterns.

  5. While I understand that some of you ladies are from African countries and backgrounds and clothing like these are commonplace, you have to understand those of us in the States have not been introduced to these beautiful patterns and colors especially from \mainstream fashion.\ I like these and if I could find someone to make ’em for a lower price I’d rock it…

  6. I think she offers something different and adds a bit of American flair. What’s wrong with being inspired?

  7. Just imagine the number of women who can rise above poverty if we started industries with women of the Diaspora. We could make jewelry and other things. Caucasian women are setting up companies to help the women live better lives, and why don’t we do the same thing? While many of you are arguing about who does it better that solves nothing, style is style, you either have it or you don’t.

    In case many of you haven’t notice, we’re reversing our choice of clothing where younger African women are dressing more in Western styles and some African American women are reclaiming their own heritage. These days I can’t tell who is who anymore because everyone looks the same, the things that made us unique are no longer noticeable.

    BTW, the designs look pretty good and since I sew my own clothes from time to time, I’ll just rock my own designs using my own bolts of Senegalese fabric. And no this is not new because Therez Fleetwood and other designers have been designing beautiful dresses for years using African fabrics.

  8. you african people are so crazy, thats why, we can not sell our product like the chinese people. u guys should be proud of somebody using our fabric instead of writting shit. thats is so stupid. i am from ivory coast and i am telling you lake, dont pay attention to all comments from these africans women, only comments from other people should be valuable to you. and a big advise, never try to sell your design to africans, they will never appreciate your work.
    and to you my africans sisters, find better things to do…

  9. I just don’t like it. There is way too much going on. The dresses that she made before were much cuter.

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