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So I have one amazing coworker who always comes to the office fresh dressed with the best bags, jackets, and accessories. One day we were talking shop (as per usual) and I made a comment about her Hermes belt…she revealed that she purchased it (along with a lot of her other pieces) from a cool high fashion consignment store called Ina. She almost fell out of her cubicle when I told her I wasn’t familiar…after collecting herself she urged me to check it out, so I did.


As soon as I walked in, I peeped many jackets, skirts, jeans, tanks, and accessories from brands like Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Marni, and Versace.

Of course the goods seemed impressive at first glance, but I had to look a little deeper. My first stop was the dress section.
I found lots of cute picks, though it seemed they skewed on the small and expensive side. For example:
This Diane Von Furstenberg summer frock was an affordable $155…

…but only available in a size 6.
This $695 Marc Jacobs ball worthy gown could be seen by some as a steal…

…but it was tiny! So was this Stella McCartney printed dress …

…for $315.
Hmh. So the apparel didn’t inspire, so I walked over to the shoe section…

..and frankly, it was off the chain gang. I found several pairs of Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, and Christian Dior sandals, pumps, and flats for 50-80% off retail!
Even more shocking: They had several pairs in my big foot size (9 1/2)! That’s unheard of in vintage/consignment stores! It always seems whoever dropped ’em off was some old lady with a petite size 6 foot. Anyway, I thought the following made the trip worth it:
These Bally suede sandals were a size 9…

…and a reasonable $120.
These size 9 Jimmy Choo sparklers…

…were $140.
And this pair of size 11 Christian Louboutin cork wedges…

…were only $113!
Even this pair of size 6.5 Gucci Loafers didn’t seem so bad…

…at $245.
And this pair of size 8.5 Christian Lacroix’

…were beautiful at $275. I was thrilled.
Of course, I couldn’t forgot the purses!

The Louis Vuitton Speedy in the top left was in good condition and $435… the Chanel tweed in the back was $840 marked down from $1050. Certainly not a steal, but definitely less that you’d spend at Bergdorf or Barneys.
The cashier and I chatted, and she divulged that celebs like Chloe Sevigny and Sarah Jessica Parker come in frequently to sell their gently used wares. So at Ina you’re buying star worthy pieces at a portion of the regular price!
If you want to visit, Ina has 5 locations (including one for men): 101 Thompson Street; 21 Prince Street; 208 East 73rd Street; 262 Mott Street; and 15 Bleecker Street. Take a look at their website, www.inanyc.com for more info. They accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Cash, and are open 12-7 Sunday through Thursday and 12-8 Friday and Saturday.
You must check it out! You won’t be disappointed!
PS Mark your calendars. It’s that time again…

Last year was mayhem, but I walked out with two dresses and a shirt for like $200! Sick, I know. Get there early!
PSS Don’t forget Pieces’ sidewalk sale!
PSSS Eve is bringing back her Fetish line the next holiday season. According to WWD, the line won’t be logo driven and will offer a range of items, “from premium jeans ranging from $98 to $198 retail to leather jackets that retail up to $1,500.” Guess she’s recovered from that DUI debacle.

8 thoughts on “New York Boutique Spotlight: Ina”

  1. I love the Marc Jacobs gown! It’s a classic fit, that is flattering due to the simplicity. I found a similar version at bluefly
    , it has the same empire waist, and is a little cheaper. check it out!

  2. Can FashionBomb friends accompany you, “the Press” to the first day of the DVF sale? **wishes upon a fashionable star**

  3. SHUT YOU R MOUTH BEFOR I SLAP YOUR MOTHER! OMG! They had size designer 11 shoes? Craziness! That’s my size and finding shoes in consignment in 11 M is harder that finding a good man! I must go there when next I visit NY. This made my day:)!!!

  4. Jaja, my mouth dropped too! Size 11 high-fashion outside of nordstroms is hard to find.

  5. This is awesome info! I’m totally going to check out Ina and the DVF sample sale.

  6. i’ve heard of ina before, its where they sold the sex and the city wardrobe when the show ended. i’ve also heard they were a little expensive for a consignment/resale shop. i frequent resale and vintage shops all the time in the city, particularly in east village, and i have found great louis vuitton, gucci and fendi finds. i think the best part of buying vintage is that you are pretty much guranteed you’ll see few other people with your particular style of bag. i’ve only bought a pair of riding boots from a vintage shop, particularly because the other kinds of shoes didnt look that great, but i’ll definitely check ina out for a cute pair of manolo cute strappy sandals.

  7. Amazing store. I’d travel all across the Ocean only to get those Loboutin wedges, they are exactly my huge size:D:D:D
    love them!
    great store!
    super blog!
    keep it up!

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