Studs have a way of adding a flair of ‘rock chic’ to pieces. Whether it’s a leather jacket, a bag or as simple as a t-shirt, studs tend to elevate an item and make it look edgy.

Saint Laurent have managed to use delicate small studs to do the opposite, creating an almost polka-dot like pattern on a pair of their classic pumps. To complete the look, the designer included wrap around ankle straps.

As we have seen lately, the humble wrap around ankle strap is having a bit of a moment right now. The latest trend is to use the straps on the outside of the bottom of your pants to create a make-shift cuff. Extra style points if you opt for tailored pants.

As for the Saint Laurent’s, you can purchase them below from Lucky for you bombshells, they are currently in the sale at $597 (reduced from $995)

Are you going to splurge or will you choose one of these other studded styles:

Credit: @tekeloaie