Here at FashionBombDaily we love and appreciate a bomb pair of boss chic heels. Pumps, sandals, open toe, stiletto, square, pointed – you name it. Sometimes you need to hang up your favorite pair of killer heels in turn for a stylish pair of sneakers.

Now, we all know that Louis Vuitton dominates the Bomb Accessories scene but not only for their bags. The designer’s sneakers are also up their on our wish list. Last season we saw their Archlight sneakers on almost every fashion love, influencer and celebrity alike. This season, it is all about Time Out.


Unlike the Archlight, which tend to be a 50-50 split of loving them vs hating them, the Time Out is a more classic simple design. Plus they are cheaper, sitting at $925. You can wear these platform style sneakers with jeans and tee combos, dresses, skirts… anything and everything!


With so many different versions to choose from, the question is how many pairs do you want to splurge on first?

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