The strappy sandals and logo love trend combine.

There is nothing better than showing off a fresh pedi with a sexy pair of multi-strap heels.

Louis Vuitton is renowned for its’ logo love. Many of the designers’ Bomb Accessories are emblazoned with the iconic LV pattern with flower shapes -identifiable a mile off.

The brand’s latest drop sees a more subtle approach to the logo pattern. The Citizen sandal uses contrasting mini logo and emblems decorated along the thin satin straps. A square toe style but with a pointed toe slant, it follows the natural shape of the foot which make it perfect for those Bombshells that find a square toe too harsh. Available in 3 heel heights, a 2.2 inch kitten heel, a 3.9 inch heel and a flat sandal.


The flat sandal costs $740, kitten heel style is $790 while the 3.9 inch heel has a $830 price tag. There is also a slide-on ‘Thong’ version for $740.

Which are you splurging on?