Do you ever see a product, and are not exactly sure if they’re Hot! or Hmm…? Such are my feelings towards Givenchy’s $375 Logo Leather Slides:
Givenchy Logo Slide Sandals
The design? Hot! There’s seriously nothing more comfortable than a leather slide in the summer. The Givenchy logo adds a dash of chic.
Givenchy Logo Slide Sandals 1
The price? Hmmm…these shoes definitely remind me of those Adidas Slides aka shower shoes that were de rigeur in junior high school.
adidas slides
And if those retail for $30, then you know you’re paying $325 extra to have Givenchy on your footwear. Sigh.
givenchy slides gq-rob-kardashian-slide-sandals01
The whole ‘slide’ look has been picking up steam this Spring.
rita ora adidas slides
snoop dogg slides 1425940967305_SIP-2015-slides-snoop-lion
adidas slides fashion bomb daily
So what do you think? Would you splurge?
givenchy slides leather sandals
givenchy slides fashion bomb daily 1
If so, do so below: