By Limsan Boulter (@limo_x)

DylanLex first came on our radar back in 2016 when Queen B rocked them in her iconic, history making ‘Formation’ video. But it wasn’t just Beyonce who loves these stackable necklaces. RiRi has been seen sporting the necklaces a few times and more recently Khloe Kardashian wore a number of pieces from the brand during a TV appearance with her sisters promoting KUWTK. Even Cardi B has been spotted wearing their earrings and chokers from time to time. So, what is all the hype about?

Beyonce wears ‘Ivy’ earrings ($310), ‘Hadley II’ choker ($520) ‘Falkor II’ necklace ($1,080,) ‘Blake’ bracelet ($410) Image: Instagram/@dylanlex
Rihanna wears ‘Falkor III’ ($1,500) ‘Falkor’ ($1,050) and ‘Falkor II’ ($1,080) Image: Instagram/@dylanlex
Khloe wears ‘Frida II’ earrings ($335) and ‘Scout’ necklace ($710) Image: Instagram/@dylanlex
Cardi B wears ‘Hadley II’ choker ($520) Image: Instagram/@dylanlex

The brand creates necklaces, chokers, earrings, rings, you name it. Most of the hand crafted designs revolve heavily around crystal or diamanté’s, and made to be worn with other pieces from the brand. Stacking multiple necklaces or with chokers seem to be the New York based brand’s go to image. Almost tribal feeling, a lot of the range includes fringing, chains and is almost always chunky by design.

Hot? Or Hmm…? What are your thoughts?

Image: Instagram/@dylanlex
Image: Instagram/@dylanlex
Image: Instagram/@dylanlex