By Limsan Boulter (@limo_x) for Fashion Bomb Daily

After Beyoncé and Miley Cyrus wore shoes with initials on the heel over Grammy weekend, it seems that monogrammed heels have taken over the ‘gram. The OG heel ‘Opyum’ by YSL and released back in 2017 with the brand’s logo fixed at the heel. Beyoncé rocked her ‘B’ for Balmain pair at the Roc Nation Pre Grammy Brunch and Miley Cyrus had a custom ‘MC’ pair made for the Grammy ceremony. We spied this Dolce and Gabbana glittering pair with matching bag. The perfect way to pay homage to the logo mania trend we’ve been loving. Hot! Or Hmm..?

Image: Instagram/@m_ipeleng

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