Icons are our legacy and legends never die. Today Fashion Bomber’s we pay tribute to one of the our 1st ladies in film, RnB Soul of timeless Motown music, and definitely a supreme being/leader in fashion, Queen Diana Ross. As we continue Women’s History Month, what better way to commemorate the celebration with the one and only Ms. Diana “Oh-my-thank-the-fashion-GODS” Ross!

Queen Diana Ross celebrates her 75th Birthday today.

Queen Diana turns an amazing 75 years young today. We are recognizing her around the world, as we should. She was the one of 1st of women with the group “The Supremes” to sign to the incredible Motown Records label. They are the best selling girls group in U.S. history, bringing class, grace and a sound unmatched to the esteemed music giant.

The Supremes: @gettyimages.com

Over 200 women of color including celebrities and major social media influencers are paying homage with great organization “The Phemonial Woman Campaign,” wearing inspirational tee-shirts from an unforgettable empowering throw back photo of Diana Ross declaring the motivational words, “I’m Gonna Win.”

Instagram Reproduction/ Phenomenal Women Campaign.

The proceeds of the shirts will benefit  Higher Heights, a social concious and political organization geared to place Black Women to the forefront of American leadership in our government. Gorgeous ladies such as Alicia Keyes & Nichole Lynel and can be seen wearing these dope shirts on Instagram. Get your phenomenal tee-shirt for 2019 and beyond at https://phenomenalwoman.us/collections/im-gonna-win-collection to honor Diana’s immaculate contributions to glamour, class and style that we will probably experience once a lifetime.