By Limsan Boulter (@limo_x)

Boots. Ankle, knee or thigh-high; chunky, lady-like or embellished, there is no doubting the diversity of this fall/winter wardrobe staple. However, boots are not just a cold weather shoe. Lately we have been seeing boots paired with dresses and skirts. Knee high boots + calf length A-line skirts or dresses appeared to be top trend this season and we’re predicting ankle boots + ankle grazing flowing dresses or skirts to be the hit of the spring time.

Another huge trend we have been seeing (which will likely be seen through the rest of the year) is metallic shoes. Silver and Gold shoes have taken over the runway and Insta-feeds. And who could possibly do it better than Balmain? These thigh-high shimmering boots are a statement in their own. At the higher end of the splurge worthy scale at $2,695, would you buy them?

Image: Instagram/Balmain

Let these baby’s do the talking and dress them with minimalistic, simple pieces.