Award winning fashion journalist Constance White recently unleashed, How to Slay, a book documenting African-American style through the twentieth century, with a focus on the last 4 decades.

The book overflows with scintillating photos and smart writing, highlighting trendsetters and tastemakers including Michelle Obama, Rihanna, Jay Z, Pharrell Williams, and more. According to Rizzoli, “The book explores the cultural underpinnings of Black trends that have become so influential in mainstream popular culture and a bedrock of fashion vernacular today. A preponderance of Black musicians, who for decades have inspired trends and transformed global fashion, are featured and discussed, while a diverse array of topics are explored—hats, hair, divas, the importance of attitude, the use of color, ’60s style, the influence of Africa, and the beauty of black skin.”

White adds, “With this book, I seek to document and represent how Black style is put together and worn, how it is presented, and how it has influenced fashion in ways both large and incremental. My intention was not to make a comprehensive or definitive volume; it is meant to be a fun, informative, and entertaining journey through Black style.”

I can’t wait to get my copy!
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