Happy Friday, Bombers and Bombshells!

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of hopping on Facebook live with D.C.’s very own Lonnie Bee!

If you haven’t heard of Lonnie Bee before, you are missing out. He has a very popular Facebook Live show where he discusses pop culture, current event, and offers motivational nuggets of wisdom.

I’ve been so busy that our rendezvous had honestly had slipped my mind, so I threw on whatever was on hand, so that I could rush out of the door! My hair wasn’t quite ‘done’, so I slipped on one of my new favorite accessories: A Mandrick Paris ‘red bottom’ hat.

The hat comes in multiple color ways, including this black and white option:

And this beige and red offering:

Each ‘red bottom’ hat will cost you approximately $335; the black and white option is $228.

If you love, purchase here.

What do you think?

And what did you think of my interview with Lonnie Bee?