Happy Friday, Bombers and Bombshells!
I just got back from a whirlwind trip to Haiti. I was in Cap Haitian for less than 24 hours before zooming off to Port au Prince. JPHRO and the Clinton Foundation graciously invited a group of fashion influencers to give us some background on the country and also introduce us to local artisans, designers, and factory workers.
Y’all know I came ready to stunt! I wanted to wear gowns by Haitian designers and imagined myself teetering on precipitous cliffs in heels (impractical? Yes. But so what??!). I bought shiny new Giuseppe Zanotti flats… cover ups and swimsuits…and while there are absolutely lovely resorts, pools, and hidden gems in Haiti, this trip was moreso about rolling up our sleeves, getting dirty, sweaty, and bug bitten, and figuring out how we can use our fantastic privilege and platforms to affect a real change in Haiti and the world.
I’m not going to sugarcoat it: Haiti is suffering. Riding from both airports at Cap Haitian and Port au Prince, trash populated the side of the road. Dogs and goats ran free. Roads are unpaved. We learned about the startling rate of unemployment. How many people don’t earn a living wage. And on and on.
We also learned of the amazing possibilities.

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