Who says dressing up for Halloween is just for kids? Sure they go trick or treating and stuff their face with chocolates and candy corn, but adults can have in on the fun too. Whether you plan on celebrating at a party or just with family, we’ve gathered fun costumes worn by celebrities for you to try! Let’s get into some dress up fun!

Kim Kardashian flaunts her curves as a skeleton! This costume is easy and comfortable enough to enjoy whatever festivities you are partaking in. You can even wear an all black look and paint your face. Shop for the skeleton bodysuit here.

If you want to stand out and turn heads like Lil’ Kim dubbed the Queen of Rap then you could opt for a DIY like Karrueche. We all know back in the day the Queen Bee was all about colored wigs with a fur to match! If you have a colored fur or faux fur in your closet, snag a matching wig and don’t forget your heels!

Celebrating with your squad? Rihanna and her girls previously dressed up as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What a fun costume. Recreate this on your own with a metallic bustier, green tights and a sarong.

Going out to a club party? Jessica Rabbit is your go to costume! Heidi Klum dressed as the fictional character back in 2015. If you want to flaunt your curves this Halloween then this may be the costume for you. All you need is a sexy red dress, purple gloves, and a wig.

We’ll never forget that time Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, and Tina Knowles dressed up as Salt & Pepa. This is another look that can be done by you and your crew. Pull out your 90s vintage jackets and bodysuits and you’ve got a costume!

Pink overload! Rita Ora dressed up as Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods a few Halloween’s ago. It’s a costume that gives you space to be creative and have fun. You could even flip this and wear an all pink ensemble to be Barbie!

Dressing up as a mermaid might be one of the most fun costumes, and Kim Kardashian did it right. There are so many ‘mermaid dresses’ out there or even skirts that can be paired with a bustier to pull together a costume. A mermaid look is also great if you love costumes that show off your silhouette. 

Get into these details! Iggy Azalea once dressed as Cruella Deville and was in full character! If you’re into everything black and white, then what better costume? You can pair a few black and white pieces from your closet and throw on a wig, and if you absolutely need to borrow a dog, go for it!

What are your thoughts on these costumes? Tag us in your costumes choices for Halloween!