As you guys may know, I’m always up for showcasing up-and-coming bloggers. So, after my fellow Fashion Bomb writer Jame forwarded an email to me from these lovely ladies, I figured they’d be a dope pick for the feature.

So, please join me as we get into the fashionable musings of Mife and Etty Dale of Maniera By Dale!




In the email submission, the Mife and Etty wrote, “Manierabydale means style by dale which is derived from our names and the Italian word ‘maniera’. We love colours and are obsessed with monochrome outfits. We try to co-ordinated our outfits and input our different styles into how we dress. Mife is more chick and Etty is more dapper-ish. These days we are obsessed with fur and bright colours. The main element of our style is the ability of us to evolve and incorporate other style elements.  Hope you like it!




While this stylish duo seem to gravitate towards the simple (yet bold) statements of monochromatic ‘fits, Mife’s and Etty’s personal style shines through within each photo. These Bomb Bloggers live for sultry lace pieces, plunging necklines and tailored bottoms (including trousers and eye-catching midi skirts). In addition to their amazing confidence and contagious positivity, these sisters also manage to incorporate some of the hottest trends into their look without coming off as “trying too hard”.





Slay on, ladies!

Want to know more about these stunning sisters? Well, feel free to check our their Instagram @manierabydale or check out their blog here.


**FYI: I’m also taking suggestions for future Bomb Bloggers! So, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below. Can’t wait to see your recommendations!**

Signing Out — Esmesha