It’s Chicago Week here on Fashion Bomb Daily!

In celebration of Cocktails with Claire this weekend, we wanted show The Windy City some serious love! It’s been a lot of fun scoping out the hottest up-and-coming talent from the 3rd largest city in the U.S. and I’ve even stumbled upon a few fashionistas who will be considered for upcoming features.

So, join us as we take a huge dive into 10 of the Chi’s flyest bombshells!

1) Blake of Blake von D, IG: @BlakeVonD


When I hit up Blake von D‘s site and read through a few of the posts, I felt like I was having a conversation with one of my closest friends from college! I mean, I can relate on so many levels and her content is extraordinary. Blake is a whirlwind of positivity and her passion illuminates throughout all of her posts.


This Chi-Town sweetheart also keeps her audience up-to-date with fitness tips, beauty secrets, outfit posts and even memorable dating stories. She’s amazing!

2) Patrice Yursik of Afrobella, IG: @Afrobella


Next up, we have Patrice of Afrobella! This OG blogger started her site in 2012 and has solidified her place as one of the best in the biz. Her down-to-earth approach inspires a dedicated following and she is the epitome of chic.


The primary focus of her online powerhouse includes natural hair product discussions, travel diaries and her personal views on pop culture. Go girl!

3) Jenn of Cranberry Tantrums, IG: @CranberryTantrums


Cranberry Tantrums is a one-stop shop for all our blossoming fashionistas. The founder Jenn meticulously presents her day-to-day outfits while encouraging her readers to embrace each and every one of their flaws.


As a registered nurse by day and a blogger by night, it’s clear that her stylish love affair is worth the follow.

4) Hayet Rida of That Hayet Rida, IG: @Hayet.Rida


Now, I have a confession. I had to literally pull myself from sifting through Hayet’s OOTD posts! I’m not sure whether it’s her bubbly personality or that infectious smile, but her blog is bomb


The photography is flawless and she serves up serial slayage post after post. Isn’t she gorgeous?

5) Nikia Jefferson of Chitown Fashionista, IG: @Chitown_Fashion


According to the Chitown Fashionista‘s ‘About Me’ section, the premise of her wildly-popular site is to “address fashion trends and her latest obsessions, Nikia [also] promotes the remarkable, yet underexposed, local shops and designers she encounters in Chicago and beyond…”


“… Deemed as ‘the enabler of fashion consumption’, Nikia works to captivate the hearts of fellow shopaholics by featuring discounted designer items and the unique treasures found during her shopping adventures and trips to the local markets.” Check it out here!

6) Neha Bisaria of MrsSaripalli, IG: @MrsSaripalli


As a lifetime fashion enthusiast, this Neha soon made her long-term dream a reality when she created her own hub for outfit inspiration. The cool thing about this Bomb Blogger is that she teaches her readers how to style some of the season’s hottest trends.


And (I’m sure you’re asking), what trend is her current obsession? Crop tops! So, if you’re looking for ways to inject a little unpredictable flair to you wardrobe, visit Neha’s site now!

7) Julie Hightower of A Better Day with Julie, IG: @ABetterDayWithJulie


Julie is a fashion and beauty expert who has cultivated herself a standout media maven who is dedicated to helping women around the world look and feel their absolute best. This blogger conducts makeovers, hosts styling segments and gives her frugal followers the heads up as to where they can spot some of the hottest steals!


Julie’s personal style is also pretty dope. She never strays too far from a colorful palette and her outgoing demeanor shines through in everything she does. She better werk!

8) Jamine Latisha of Clothes and Fros, IG: @clothesandfros


Jamine is one of my favorite ladies on the list. In addition to her impeccable looks, she’s a huge fan of lace, simple ankle strap sandals and the perfect pair of jeans. If I had to describe her style in two words: I’m simply coin it as effortless chic.


Many of the pieces she uplifts are incredibly affordable and she also manages an up-and-coming YouTube channel that highlights a plethora of topics including hair tutorials and bargain shopping. If you’re curious about her video uploads, take a quick detour here to view them all!

9) Tot Jones of Totally Tot, IG: @TotallyTot3


Looking for the fiercest of the fierce? Well, look no further because Tot Jones is your woman! With undeniable confidence and curves for days, this Chicago sweetheart is sure to leave you captivated with her jazzy ensembles and motivational life messages.


Not only does she slay like not other in a pair of fitted jeans, but she’s queen when it comes rocking bold, flamboyant prints and ladylike midi skirts. Tot’s also a dope wardrobe consultant who works tirelessly to make sure her clients look their absolute best! Serve it up! Visit her blog here!

10) Shenell of So Shenell, IG: @SoShenell


Shenell of So Shanell is everything! And, she’s another blogger with the distinct objective of encouraging women of all sizes to love themselves regardless of what the world may label as beautiful. She’s an advocate for living life with no apologies and this message translates perfectly through her style.


I thought Shenell posed some fantastic wisdom in her site’s description. So, I want to leave you with this gem from her: “I will be the blogger who is not defined by her size, but whom all sizes are mesmerized by her poise.“ Starting “So Shenell“ is the blossoming of my rose. Each thorn intricately pierced in the sides of my stem is representative of my struggle of childhood, to weight, then divorce“. Yes!


Keep slaying, ladies!

Whew! Quite the list, no?

See any blogger babes worth following? Let us know what you think below!

Signing Out — Esmesha