Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

This week is staring off pretty strong and I’ve already scoped out more bomb up-and-coming bloggers for the feature. So, I’m thoroughly excited about what’s to come, so stay tuned!

But, today, I want to showcase the sartorial musings of Sunny McGaughey of the personal style blog known as From Sunny, With Love!





Fashion Bomb’s resident stylist Danielle suggested that we highlight Sunny. We were brainstorming various individuals that we were familiar with on the ‘Gram and, after a little research, I knew she’d be the perfect style maven for our weekly post. In her ‘About Me’ section, the bubbly blogger writes, “I’m Sunny and have ALWAYS wanted my own fashion blog. So after four years, a cross country move, and a great (for great see hectic/stressful/strangely rewarding) stint as a fashion publicist – you have my AMAAAZing fashion diary. Here you will find pictures of me in my favorite outfits or just being my cute ‘ol self. Simply. It’s not brain surgery people, just good fashion.





Sunny’s style is reminiscent of this effortlessly cool street style. I sifted her blog for the best outfits possible and it was nearly impossible to choose only twelve! This fashionista is fearless when it comes to pairing unexpected pieces (uh, hey sports bra and blazer!) and she’s a pro when it comes to making subtle statements. Sunny lives for flowy jumpsuits, crop tops and impeccably tailor denim. She’s a style chameleon who knows no limits when it comes to self-expression through fashion. And, she’s every bit the inspiration!





Slay on, hun!

Want to learn more about Sunny of From Sunny, With Love? Well, follow this dazzling fashionista on Instagram @fromsunnywithlove or check out her blog here!


Signing Out — Esmesha