Happy Tuesday ya’ll!

Today’s #BombBlogger is a little special. I discovered this young woman through one of my followers via Instagram (heeeeyyy Karen!)! As most of you may already know, I’m always asking for suggestions regarding up-and-coming fashionistas; therefore, when Sharlene-Monique of Be Uniquely You was directed to me, I knew she would be an excellent pick for our feature.





Not too soon after Karen reached out to me, I received an inquiry email from Sharlene herself which read:

I launched my blog in March 2015 because I’m very passionate about empowering and inspiring women and young adults. I spent many years from my teens into my twenties struggling with who I was, and now because I have overcome it,  I want to help others. I blog about self confidence, my relationships and fashion…

Initially, I already had a potential blogger in mind for today’s article but (after perusing this style maven’s site) I found myself immediately smitten by her contagious smile and her unparalleled elegance.






Sharlene-Monique’s style is chock full of color, vibrant prints and endless plays on texture. This fashionista’s wardrobe staples include a classic leather moto jacket, statement-making eyewear and tons of shine (c’mon sequins!). I also find it refreshing that she always discovers a way to let her personality shine through her outfits. It’s clear that she knows what she likes and she sticks to it. You better glo, girl!





Slay on, hun!

Want to know more about Sharlene-Monique of Be Uniquely You? Well, feel free to visit her blog here or follow her on Instagram @be_uniquelyyou.

Thoughts on her style?

Signing Out — Esmesha