Today’s Bomb Blogger feature comes by way of The Bahamas! Apparently, she’s celebrating the one-year anniversary of her blog, Maven of Style, and she’s an loyal reader of Fashion Bomb Daily! Yes!

So, without further ado, let’s get into the sartorial musings of bombshell Shantera Sanovia!


Shantera Sanovia

Maven of Style Spring 2016

Maven of Style Winter 2016

In Shantera’s uplifting blog welcome, this fearless fashionista proclaims “Fear of failure ruled the day and doubt consumed my every being. My mental capacity couldn’t fathom flourishing in such a creative, colorful whim. But look at me, expressing ideas and thoughts by such a vibrant array of imagery, look at God! My every being now is infiltrated with aromas of competence. I breathe a new kind of air that suppresses those nostalgic memories of angst. That fear has been relinquished and I am no longer intimidated by my own shadow. Thus, I, Shantera-Sanovia, wishes to introduce myself to the world as The Maven of Style; a Bahamian Fashion Consultant, Model, and Style Blogger; based in The Bahamas. Enjoy!

Maven of Style Spring 2016


Maven of Style Spring 2016


I was blown away by Shantera’s impeccable ability to combine similar colors for such fluid, monochromatic looks. While she stays to classic staples (such as tailored trousers, versatile two-piece sets and her go-to fur stoles), she’s also not afraid to embrace risky trends that automatically amp up her outfit arsenal to the thrid degree. Shantera is also absolutely brilliant when it comes to slaying in front of the camera! Ya’ll better take notes!

In addition, after speaking wbriefly with this rising style star, she disclosed a few words about how she viewed her unique style and her personal movtivation. Shantera wrote, “My personal style is one that is constantly changing and evolving. Being new to the blogging world and finally being directed in this path has allowed me to express myself so freely that I’m unlocking potential I never knew existed! I have no definitive style, in fact I portray the ultimate all-around girl. My inspiration believe it or not comes from the success of other fashion bloggers and girl bosses. Their drive is certainly an inspiration and increases my drive as well to be just as great or greater!” Yes, positivity! I’m here for it all!


Maven of Style Winter 2016


Slay on, hun!

Want to know more about Shantera Sanovia of Maven of Style? Well, feel free to follow her via Instagram @TheMavenofStyle or take a quick detour to her official blog here!

Are you feeling Shantera’s style?

Signing Out — Esmesha