I’m so excited about today’s Bomb Blogger, Micah Gianneli!
With exceptional photography and stunning beauty, Micah’s style blog has become one of my go-to sources for inspiration. From jumpsuits to denim on denim, this fashionista can rock absolutely anything, and has definitely solidified a place in my favorites.

Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic | http://micahgianneli.com

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Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic| http://micahgianneli.com


Micah embraces a neutral aesthetic while still managing to create distinct and memorable looks. Not shy about showing a little skin, she’s unquestionably fearless when it comes to incorporating trends. With a mean sunnies game and that signature pixie cut, Micah knows how to jazz up any look.


Images by Jesse Maricic & Micah Gianneli | http://micahandjesse.comå


Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic | http://micahgianneli.com

Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic | http://micahgianneli.com

Micah’s blog is just as awesome as she is. Not only does she discuss fashion but she also writes about other topics including hair, makeup and travel. In addition, she also manages a YouTube channel – you can check that out here. Is there anything this woman can’t do? I truly believe Micah Gianneli is worthy of Bomb Blogger status – I mean, she’s fun, confident and undeniably cool. Now, if that doesn’t define a Bomb Blogger, I don’t know what does.




Image by Micah Gianneli & Jesse Maricic| http://micahgianneli.com

Want to know more about Micah? Check out her IG @micahgianneli or make a quick trip to her blog here.


Any thoughts about today’s Bomb Blogger? Any future feature suggestions? Let me know!


Signing Out — Esmesha

Images: Jesse Maricic for Mica Gianneli

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  1. This is becoming my favorite thing about fashionbombdaily. I look forward to these posts every Wednesday!

  2. Definición of a bomb blogger ! More girls like this vs girls Tht bought their whole wardrobe off of ig

  3. Micah Gianneli literally can tap into any style and pull off any look whether she recreates the original look or not. Gianneli reminds me of an advanced female version of Kanye with her neutral and conservative color/looks. I honestly don’t think she has an off day when it comes to getting dressed. The photography is professional and the location of the photos taken make you want be a fly on the while of her photoshoot.

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