Happy Hump Day everyone!

I’m back at with another Bomb Blogger, but today I’m switching things up. The young woman featured was discovered on a whim via Tumblr! As a new follower (and fan) of her blog, The Messy Wardrobe, Marisa has a presence that can’t be denied. From the exceptional photography to her enviable physique, it’s clear as to why Marisa was chosen for our blogger spotlight.





Marisa’s style is chic with a pinch of edginess. Her look is unique and she owns every ensemble she flaunts! While randomly scouring Tumblr, I came across one of her photos. Immediately intrigued, I searched and searched for the source and (the end result) is this Fashion Bomb post. The Messy Wardrobe blogger truly understands what appeals to the eye and she certainly isn’t mortified by taking risks.





In addition to her immaculate styling, I was also fascinated by her accessories. The girl has magnificent taste. From her coveted statement heels to the daring coat modeled above, it’s impossible to not notice this emerging fashionista. So, Marisa, I salute you. Your style is simple yet memorable and, if I must say, you rock a mean bold lip!




I’m sure we will see more of Marisa in the near future but, for now, let’s enjoy some serious style inspiration!





To see more of Marisa, visit The Messy Wardrobe blog here or hit her up via Facebook. More of an IG user? Not problem, follow her @themessywardrobe.


So, what do you guys think? Is Marisa worthy of Bomb Blogger status?

Any additional thoughts? Future suggestions?

Let me know!


Signing Out — Esmesha

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