So, today’s Bomb Blogger is featured by popular demand!

Since the introduction of this feature, I’ve had countless requests to highlight this specific individual. Yes, she’s well-known to some and may be unknown to others but, one fact remains the same – the girl is bad! In addition, I just want to give the Fashion Bomb readers what they want! Anywho, I started following Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet in 2009 and, aside from the breathtaking photography, this fashionista’s style is nothing short of inspirational. Don’t believe me? Well, keep reading and I’ll let you decide for yourself!






True story: Karla’s Closet is actually the first personal style blog I was introduced to as a struggling college student. Through her expert pairings and fearless fashion sense, she became a prime source of outfit inspiration. Now, although I admired Karla, I never attempted to rock half the things she donned (for the mere fact that I wasn’t cool enough) but, thanks to her, I learned how to rock a mean blazer! All in all, she was a blogger I could relate to – in retrospect, she never shied away from the season’s trends but she always managed to wear pieces that fit her personal perception of style. After a few visits to her site, Miss Deras instantly became one of my favorite bloggers.






If you’ve consistently follow this style maven, you can certainly say you’ve watched her style evolve time after time! I mean, she’s gone from a chic tomboy to the vintage vixen, and now, the woman’s a fully-blown minimalist bombshell! Honestly, I believe a large part of her appeal lies within her openness to change. From her signature pixie cut to her enviable sunnies game, she knows what she likes and she flaunts it without hesitation. Karla never fails to amaze me. With that, I’m pretty sure we all can agree that she’s worthy of Bomb Blogger status. If she doesn’t inspire you to go out and purchase a pair of pointed pumps and camouflage pants, I don’t know what will.





Anxious to see more of the beautiful Karla Deras? Well, don’t waste anymore time – just head on over to her blog here or simply peruse her IG @karla_deras. Quite a feature, huh?


Signing Out — Esmesha


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