Happy Wednesday, Bombers and Bombshells!

I’m back with another installment of our exciting ‘Bomb Blogger’ feature and, today, I’m showcasing a social media powerhouse who is continually praised for her impeccable fashion musings as well as her flawless natural hair and show-stopping personality.

So, please join me, as we revel in the unparalleled beauty of the lovely Dayna Bolden from CHICNaturalistas!





Our girl Dayna is the co-creator of CHICNaturalistas, a natural hair and fashion blog aimed at promoting the beauty of natural hair while featuring chic and fierce fashion of the everyday woman. She combines her love for natural hair and fashion through her daily style posts on both her wildly-popular Instagram page and blog. With almost 25,000 loyal followers, Dayna is best known for her dope outfit pairings, her signature tapered cut and is she also considered as one of the top fashion bloggers within her niche. When asked to describe her personal style, the fabulous fashionista gushed, “I like to keep it simple yet significant. I have a minimal style that packs a punch with nice details and clean layers and aesthetic.”





Now, we all know the power of expressing yourself through fashion, so it comes as no surprise when we discovered that Dayna slays on the regular to display her own definition of beauty! The style maven expresses, “To me, having a personal style is really owning your own individual style. It is so very important to me because it breeds confidence. Personal style means that you are easily able to select the clothes that fit right, and would make you feel the most “you” and beautiful. Having a good personal style also allows for you to not be cookie cutter, and follow every new trend or what the next person is doing. It really allows for you to take elements of trends that you like and incorporate them within your style and mix it up to create your own unique look!” Yes!





Slay on, hun!

Want to know more about Dayna Bolden of CHICNaturalistas? Well, feel free to follow this dazzling diva via Instagram @ItsDaynaDayne and/or @CHICNaturalistas. You can also check out her official blog here!

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Signing Out — Esmesha