This fashionista’s primary aim is centered on the idea of ‘showcasing everyday style off the runway‘. She’s a Godiva goddess whose organic style illuminates the epitome of modern elegance and, of course, she’s our highlight for today’s Bomb Blogger feature!

So, join me as we get into the sartorial musings of Christina Akomea of Just Missed The Runway!




Chris’s blog is chock full of fashionable gems that gives her audience brief glimpses into her sleek and polished wardrobe. She’s a master of donning striking hues, enviable footwear and one of the dopest fros I’ve seen in a while but she also manages to maintain this subtle coolness that shines through in each one of her looks. Her ladylike appeal distinguishes her within this vast sea of endless fashion bloggers and her undeniable sophistication also adds a refreshing touch to her impeccable style.





The self-proclaimed ‘over-acheiver’ is also a woman who understands the power of stunning prints! While sorting through her site I found myself intrigued by her love for eye-catching pieces. Whether she’s uplifting a flamboyant polka dot midi dress or a regal sleeveless floor-length duster, Chris effortlessly rocks her chic ensembles while proving that a no-fuss style objective is just as effective as the popular trend-driven alternatives. She’s also walking proof that baby pink tweed suits are an absolute essential! Yes!





Slay on, hun!

If you you want to learn more about Chris of Just Missed The Runway, feel free to check out her official blog here or follow her on Instagram @justmissedtherunway!


Signing Out — Esmesha