Guys, we’ve all heard it before.  From parents, grandparents, teachers, and aunts and uncles.  “Pull up your pants!”

Sagging, which originated in US prisons due to oversized uniforms and the banning of belts to prevent suicide and other violent acts, somehow parlayed itself into mainstream attire.  Catapulted by hip-hop artists in the 90’s, it set the stage for both a cultural and fashion movement.

A few lawmakers weren’t too keen on the idea.  Since 2007, in a few states, sagging was placed under their indecent exposure ordinances and was cited as a violation of some schools’ dress codes.

While most of us can agree that the colors and patterns of your underwear should be kept private, isn’t fashion supposed to be an expression of what we think and how we feel through what we wear?  This slightly frivolous debate is indeed a Catch 22, as there are more grave dilemmas to distress over in this world.  Sagging definitely isn’t one of them.

And for those of you with inquiring minds, here’s a little how-to on how to sag your pants.

What’s your take on the topic?


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