Greetings, Fashion Bombers!
Danielle here to take you on a trip down Black History Beauty Trend lane.

While finger waves may have seen its origins in the 1920s, we all know it best as it was rocked in the 1990s by ’round-the-way girls and the bourgeoisie alike. For less than the price of two weeks allowance, fly girls (and gents–heyyyy) crammed into beauty shops on Every Corner, U.S.A. to get the gelled up and slicked down wavy ‘do. After the hair was washed, a stylist would then grab a fishtail comb, a gallon of gel, and get to work perfecting every little intricate wave.

Then you sat under the dryer until your waves hardened to a crisp and you had a ready-made style for a whole week (two if like Miss Jackson, you were nasty). Now if your stylist was really dope, she could hook you up with glitter and/or colors in your waves and O-M-G remember the “scrunch” with the finger waves?!?! A scandal.

Nowadays unless your name is Cleetus (ok, or Keyshia Cole), you probably are not rocking finger waves. However the style has taken on several reincarnations in the new millennium: today’s finger waves are much looser and can actually move.

For the funniest pop culture reference to finger waves that I can remember, fast forward to 4:02.

And if you wanted to learn the technique, check out this video:

Hit me with your finger waves memories…!

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