Classic diamonds are happily worn and admired by many women. This is mainly due to their timeless allure, lustre and durability. If you like to stay true to the classics, but long to experiment a little, you will also love all of these qualities in the very unique black diamonds. Otherwise known as “carbonado”, they differ in the fact that they are not transparent and in addition to carbon, they also contain graphite which is the reason for their colour. Although working with black diamonds is a bit more demanding due to the fact that they tend to contain inclusions more frequently, jewellery with black diamonds is sought after for its sophistication.

Black diamonds as a bold and versatile accessory

In recent years, black diamonds have become a hot trend in jewellery. The reason for this may also be the fact that they symbolise passion and strength, apparently give their wearers courage and that they demonstrate independence. They are also impressive and captivate at first glance.

Diamond jewellery genuinely deserves its popularity due to the wonderful qualities of diamonds and the added undeniable benefit of jewellery with black diamonds is the fact that it will suit everything but at the same time it will also always make a unique accessory. For instance, with a black diamond ring, you can express that you’re an adventurous soul not tied down by conventions and at the same time, unlike other stones with distinctive colours, you don’t have to think about what colours to wear them with.

Made for ladies who are looking for something different

Black, shiny gemstones can give an impression of something mystical and can add a bit of mystery to an outfit. According to Jarmila Slívová from the KLENOTA jewellery studio in Prague: “Black diamonds work well when contrasted with something and this is why they suit white gold so well. You can’t go wrong even if you choose a halo style design for your jewellery where a central black stone is surrounded by clear, transparent diamonds.”

For instance earrings with black diamonds will make a great piece for day to day wear as well as for special occasions. Choose from traditional or distinctive designs or even pieces in Art Deco style. In this style, the contrast of black and white appears by default and shapes made from curves and precise geometric lines are a repeating feature of it.