Beyoncé continues to unleash her Sasha Ferocity, this time with a steamy fragrance aptly named Heat. The scent, set to roll out in late January, contains notes of red vanilla, orchid, magnolia, neroli, and blush peach. As for the name and accompanying campaign, Beyoncé told WWD, “A lot of my performances have had fire involved, so we thought ‘Heat’…we wanted the ads to be really steamy and dewy. My sexiest moments are when I’m just getting out of the tub or the shower and I’m clean, so I wanted to incorporate that in the ads. The dress was this liquid-y satin.” Ok Beyoncé!

The red and gold bottled perfume sounds delightful. Will you be picking it up?


7 thoughts on “Beyonce’s New Fragrance: Heat”

  1. I actually like the ads (and many times i am not into her look). I have heards some negativity about the look of the ad, but I think its sexy, but not trashy & the red looks nice against her skin tone. Now as far as the scent goes, whether or not its a pleasant one remains to be seen. I do agree that most celebrity scents tend not to be all that great..maybe B will be an exception. We shall see…

  2. It smells good. just hate dat now dat she is married she kind’na lets out a lot ! It’s not trashy just looks like she’s seeking for attention. Only Celeb’s fragrance i like is Britney’s Fantasy the one in da pink bottel. x

  3. Oh God! I got it for christmas by a cousin it smells delicious, it’s fresh I feel full of energy! I love it! I haven’t tried other beyonce’s perfumes but I recommend this one!

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