For Videophone, Beyonce & Lady Gaga’s most recent video/fashion collaboration, Beyonce’s stylists Ty Hunter and Momma Knowles brought it:

Beyonce Jean Paul Gaultier Lady Gaga Videophone

Beyonce donned two looks from Jean Paul Gaultier’s repertoire, including his orange tulle swimsuit with a cape from his Spring/ Summer 2010 collection and his stretch gabardine trench style bodysuit with matching thigh high boots from his couture Fall/Winter 2009 collection.

Beyonce Jean Paul Gaultier Lady Gaga Videophone

Sony Music Entertainment snatched all the videos out of cyberspace before I could get a good look at the rest of the video (why do they do this?!?), but from what I saw, ish was hot!
If you have a working link, leave it in a comment!
*Thanks Sasha for the video link, hopefully it won’t get yanked down too soon!

13 thoughts on “Beyonce in Jean Paul Gaultier for Videophone (Remix) featuring Lady Gaga”

  1. They took the videos down because it was getting a lot of negative feedback. When I went on youtube, they were slamming her hard. Her fashion was ok, but the video overall was too much for me.

  2. could someone please help me figure out where beyonce got the red and white bathing suit…the one with the circle on the side and the red radiating out from it….on strap on the shoulder..


  3. I love love love the video!
    & I agree that the fashion aspect was FAB!
    I would also like to know who made the outfit with the sequined t shirt

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