So the BET Awards were on last night…


…you know I was out, so I didn’t get a chance to watch!
Still, I had to check out the red carpet highlights for Fashion Bomb Hits and Misses.
First the hits:

You can say many things about Cassie, but you can never say the girl is poorly dressed. She stepped out in typical fly fashion in a Pepto Bismol pink mini cocktail and peep toe stilettos. Love it!
Alicia Keys also went for pink in this perfectly fitted strapless dress…
Jordin Sparks shined in a flattering and well tailored crimson number…
And Solange Knowles looked surprisingly chic in this patterned frock…
..I see you Solange!
Another shock (sort’ve) was Miss Lil Kim…
I actually liked this deep plum halter cocktail. Given her track record, this was an unequivocal ‘hit.’ It fits, it’s flattering, the color is dope.
A snap goes to usual suspect, Rihanna…
…who looked a bit out the box yet beautiful in this floor sweeping neon gown. Initially the color hurt my eyes, but it works for her, and the makeup is simply chic.
Lastly, Gabrielle Union looked gorgeous tapping into the maxi dress trend
…wearing an all white flowing number with silver accents.
Not everyone showed and proved:
Jennifer Hudson tried, but unfortunately this was a miss for me. As a curvy girl, I know it’s hard to find the perfect bust fit, but this dress is too small:
…Fit is everything! A bit more wiggle room would’ve made all the difference!
Toccara seems to have also missed the ‘fit’ lesson…
…the top of her dress is gorgeous and sophisticated, but the bottom gets scary with pulling and pleating. Satin is a dangerous fabric: unless it fits perfectly, it can signal fashion suicide!
Keyshia Cole actually suffered from the opposite ‘fit’ effect…
…her yellow dress is eye catchingly pretty, yet the shoulder section seems to be too big on her. And isn’t she hot?
And lastly, the biggest miss had to be…
…Lil Mama. There are no words. But I think we know that Lil Mama doesn’t purport to be fashionable, just unique.
My two cents! What were your hits and misses?

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*A lot of you mentioned Nia Long’s dress…
She wasn’t on the carpet, but her plum gathered dress was definitely a hit!

17 thoughts on “BET Awards: Hits and Misses”

  1. my hit would def have to be Nia Long’s purple number she rocked on the red and carpet and on stage.

    Lauren London’s yellow dress would come in second. It was bright and pretty w/o being over the top.

    And I was glad to see all of EnVogue still looking like the funky divas they are.

    My miss is Jhuds dress. She looked stuffed in. As well as Ashanti, she looked like she got cauht in a bedazzler.

    And SWV looked like HAMS in all that leather

  2. My misses were:
    Lil Mama
    Keyshia Cole’s red carpet dress
    Rhinana’s red carpet dress
    Keri H.

    I loved:
    Lauren’s dress
    Alicia Keyes
    Nia Long

  3. ohhhh, how could I forget Maxwell. That was like a breath of fresh air. He has that exxtra grown and sexy swag on lock.


  5. Queen La’ in that blue–dazzling! And Rihanna–even though the child is half my age she’s the one celeb I admire consistently for her style daring.

    And Miss Nia…sigh. Sublime. She’s aging in reverse.

  6. ummm…ri-ri’s a fashion goddess. she always comes with something unexpected and something that can only look that fly on her! I need to find me an umbrella.

  7. Cassie was an absolute miss in my opinion! Her dress looked as though it was pinned to achieve that length. I’ve seen Cassie look way better. Besides she should have hit up Diddy for some attir since she is one of the official Sean Jean Ladies Model. Definite hit was Nia Long. She always looks classy and well put together. Granite, there’s never anything extravagant about her, shes just consistent. Nia has the girl next door look but there’s something mysterious about her. I always love Rhianna’s style. At this point I think her stylist can do no wrong. If her dress or outfit is a miss, she makes up for it via jewelry, hair or makeup. Her swag is impeccable. Ok let me get back to work :o)

  8. whats up with this “crossed over feet pose”?? someone needs to tell alicia keys she doesnt need to me doing that with a cankles, lol

    anyways everybody else looked nice:

    Loved RiRi’s dress although it kinda reminds me a lil bit of a sleep wwear, she still PULLED IT OFF, luv it

    Nia’s dress= wasnt really feeling her dress, i thought it was unflattering, ugh!!!but oh well

    Lisa Raye= loved the dress she had on the red carpet, just in a different color

  9. nice blog folk
    didnt see the bet awards
    had no desire
    guess im a lame

  10. I loved Lauren London and Nia Long’s looks. I didn’t like Cassie’s dress. It was tacky. Ashanti’s dress was also a miss. I liked Alicia Key’s performance outfit better than her red carpet dress.

  11. Nia Long was glowing. I loved the dress. And is that a BCBG dress on Alicia? I like it in that color.

    My hits: Nia is number one hands down. And in no particular order Ri-ri and Alicia’s dress on the carpet.

    Misses: Lil Mama, Keisha on the carpet, J-hud, Alicia’s after party dress with the metallic shells, and there’s just something about Casie’s dress that was blah to me.

    Solange… I’m not sure where I stand on that one. Her hair definitely bothers me.

  12. Claire imma have to disagree with you on the cassie thing. It looked like she was wearing a wrinkled tee-shirt…ive seen her look wayyy better. I thought she just looked cheap.

    I liked J-Hud’s dress, but your right it could have fit alil better and it wouldve been a knockout.

    I dunno i kinda like keyshia’s outfit its just unique in some way..but perhaps they should have tailored it better.

    I cant stand ashanti but her hair was nice. lol. she annoys me with that overstated accent

    Lauren London is sooo adorable, and that yellow suited her

    ladies didnt Maxwell and Anthony Hamilton look great…wow a haircut sure does go a long way!

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