Sometimes it can be a real effort to freshen up your look. Sticking to the same hairstyle day in and out can be practical and a time saver, however sometimes it’s fun to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. But where to start? Well, we think that headbands can be the perfect starting point. They suit any face shape and come in such a fun variety of shapes, colours and styles as seen below. 

Hoo-Rag Headbands

These Hoo-Rag headbands are one of our first options when wanting to change up your look. Their headbands are not only suitable for everyday general wear, but can do double time for getting sweaty during your workout session with their excellent moisture wicking technology. Hoo-Rag also offers a wide range of colours, patterns and prints which we love, giving you plenty of choice.

Gorman Shadows Headband

This next product was one we couldn’t go past without mentioning. Gorman is renowned for their beautiful and colourful styles and this headband will bring a breath of fresh air to your style. Sometimes you just can’t say no to a pop of bold colour, so try a nice neat ponytail or a poofy ballerina bun and this headband will really finish off your look.

H&M 2 Pack Scarves/Headbands

H&M always come to the rescue for our accessory needs when it comes to affordability and style. These H&M scarf combo headbands hit the target of cost effectiveness and elegance, coming in packs of two. You can wear one and keep the other in your handbag for hair emergencies. These headbands are a must for any outfit when heading out. The soft silk will be gentle on your hair and help prevent tangles from occurring.

Anthropologie Bianca Twist Headband

Anthropologie has created this stylish and simple headband to help keep your hair from your face while keeping your style fresh. Their headbands are silky smooth and certainly come in some unique, pretty patterns. Popping with stylish embellishments and brimming with unique personality, we can’t not include this product in our top list. Pair this headband with acid washed jeans and a crop top. Maybe even some flip flops and you’ll be ready for those hot summer afternoons, basking in the sun.

Louvelle Seraphine Headband

This headband by Louvelle is perfect for those who prefer wide headbands without the hard shell to keep the shape. The stretch factor is perfect for big, untamed manes or for when we want to cover up our unwashed locks during our work out. The pattern reminds us of summer days spent on the sandy beach with sea salt tousled hair being pushed back by a soft and breathable headband.

Pretty Little Thing Emerald and Pearl Headband

Calling all emerald fans, Pretty Little Thing’s Emerald and Pearl headband is one of our favourite picks. Featuring emeralds, pearls and intricate gold detailing, this one is perfect for all the jewellery fans and can be worn both day and night.