Festival fashion is a major aspect of any festival experience. Planning your outfits around your festival weekend is half the fun. In the last ten years we have seen major trend shifts when it comes to iconic festivals such as Coachcella, EDC, Burning Man, and Lollapalooza. Festivals are a time to embrace your individuality and dress however you please. Adding unique accessories to your outfit will make you more confident that you stand out from all of the other festival goers. In this article we will go over the best outfits you can wear at your next festival to show off and stand out!

The Space Cowboy

One of the trendiest concepts for festival outfits is the space cowboy. Both “out of this world” and “western aesthetic” have always been popular. In recent years, festival goers have been combining the two aesthetics. There are multiple ways you can rock this theme. One way to embrace the space cowboy look is to wear booty shorts for women and layer them with reflective or LED chaps. 

Chaps have been a massive hit at festivals in the last three years. What are caps exactly? Well chaps cover parts of the leg and are worn over pants. For equestrian purposes, chaps are normally made from cowhide. While now it is used as a fashion accessory, chaps have been worn since the early 1500s. To complete the look make sure to wear a funky cowboy hat. 


You can literally never go wrong with a co-ord set. There are infinite choices when it comes to matching sets. More extravagant co-ord sets are perfect for any festival. A classic festival co-ord set is one made of crochet. Our favorite combination for crochet sets is a flared long sleeve crochet crop top and a crochet shirt paired with a neutral colored bikini. It is a classic look. 

Co-ord sets are perfect for festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, and even HSLOT (yes Harry Styles’ Love on Tour is on par with festival fashion and is treated as a mini festival in of itself). These festivals are known for their bohemian and loud matching sets. Harry himself rocks co-ord sets for most of his shows, inspiring his fans to follow his example. It is common to see neon co-ord sets at Lollapalooza and bohemian sets such as the one described above at Coachella. 


2020 was the year of bringing back the corset and modernizing it into today’s fashion. If you do not have a Netflix subscription you may be unaware that in 2020/early 2021 the show Bridgerton dominated the streamers charts. The regency era historical romance drama sparked major inspiration for corsets. Corsets can be soft and elegant or sexy and edgy depending on how you style them. It is not everyday you can wear a corset out and about so if you have been wanting to hop on this trend now is your time to shine! 

For a festival, the best way to style a corset is with a pair of low rise pants or a mini skirt. A cute accessory you can add to this look is adding fairy wings. Dress up as an angel, Tinkerbell, or a demon if you so chose! Combining regency inspired fashion with the comeback of Y2K is a perfect look for any festival. 

Chainmail Sequins

Another show stopping outfit for a festival is wearing chainmail made of sequins. In 2022, chainmail to a festival is increasingly becoming popular. A stunning way to wear chainmail to your next festival is through wearing an open backed chainmail sequined dress. You can find these dresses in silver, black, and gold. They come in all different cuts such as halters and long sleeves. 

If wearing a dress to a festival seems like a nightmare to you, you can wear chainmail in other ways. Brands make various forms of crop tops out of chainmail sequins. You can pair one of these crop tops with leather pants or denim cutoff shorts! These are very versatile pieces that you can dress up or dress down depending on the vibe you are trying to achieve.

Everything Looks Good With Boots

Tying together any outfit always comes down to the shoes. Festivals are no exception to this rule! The two kinds of boots most popular for music festivals are cowboy boots and platform boots. Even if you are going for a specific stylized look, these two styles are pretty interchangeable. The most important thing to remember is to break in your boots, no matter the style, before your set festival weekend. 

Breaking in your boots is essential to ensuring a fun and carefree experience. The first step to breaking any new pair of boots to exclusively wear thick socks with them. The thick socks will help mold the shoe to the shape of your foot. You can also try adding heat. If your new boots are made of leather or faux leather they will react to heat. Put on your thick socks and boots and take a hairdryer to your shoe. The heat will further help mold the shoe to your foot shape. When walking around your home with thick socks remember to stop once the shoes start to feel tight. Take them off and try again the next day. This will prevent painful blisters from forming! Keep in mind festivals include a major amount of walking! Do yourself this service by breaking in your boots ahead of time!

Festival Fashion

Festival fashion takes a lot of time, energy, and planning. People spend months customizing their outfits. Remember this is a time where you can express yourself freely and explore new fashion avenues that you can not embrace at a typical 9-5 office job. Embrace this moment and remember to have fun with it!